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Corrugated boxes are designed to meet the specific needs of the product being packaged. Factors contributing to the packaging design include shipping hazards such as vibration, shock, compression, and moisture. In addition to the particular needs of the consumers and retailers, packaging engineers consider the cost restraints, specific product characteristics, logistical needs, consumer needs, and machine capabilities when designing a variety of corrugated box styles.

Varun Packaging offers a variety of custom corrugated box styles. We can customize any of the following types of boxes to fit your specific needs, product, or application. And just like a conventional box, our custom boxes can be printed or labeled using a variety of printing methods.

Types of Corrugated Boxes :

Its a (regular slotted container RSC, half-slotted container HSC, etc.) are usually made from one piece of corrugated board with a taped, glued, or stitched manufacturers joint as well as top and/or bottom flaps. The blank is scored and slotted to allow folding. This packaging design is highly functional for most applications. These boxes are typically shipped flat and are ready to use.

Telescope Boxes (full telescope design container FTD, design style container DSC, etc.) are another common corrugated box style. These boxes usually consist of two pieces. A lid and a separate bottom/body where the top normally “telescopes” or fits over the body of the box. They are called telescope boxes by the truck and rail classification if the cover extends over at least two-thirds of the depth. This type of packaging can be used in many applications and a variety of industries.

Folder boxes consist of one piece of corrugated cardboard that provides an unbroken, flat bottom and are scored to fold around a product. The bottom of the box is usually hinged to form the side walls and cover. Locking tabs, display panels, handles, etc., can be incorporated in some designs. Folder boxes are typically unglued corrugated boxes useful for packaging large or oddly shaped items.This is one of the more unique corrugated box styles.

Self-Erecting Boxes / Auto-Bottom Boxes have folding and locking flaps on the bottom of the box for added strength and durability. Auto bottom boxes are designed for ease of assembly, and can save your company a lot of time and money. These boxes are easily put together which makes them ideal for assembly lines. They are also perfect for conveyor systems with top seating automatic tapers. Self-erecting boxes are made to fold flat for compact storage.

Bliss / Rigid Boxes are some of the most sturdy corrugated box styles. They consist of two separate end pieces and a body that typically require gluing or stitching. The flaps used to form the joints can be on the end pieces, the body, or both. The name “rigid boxes” comes from the fact that once the six or more joints are sealed, the box is rigid.

Mailer boxes are one-piece, die-cut boxes that are assembled without tape or glue. Mailer boxes are very strong and will withstand a rigorous shipment process. Engineering of these boxes includes double-layer protection on the bottom and sides. These custom boxes are normally available in two popular styles–With a tuck-in top or with a locking cover.

Bin boxes are one-piece, die-cut boxes that can be assembled with or without tape or glue. They are often called shelf boxes used for storing or featuring small items. These long, narrow boxes can significantly increase storage space. Bin boxes have an open top to allow you to see and reach inside. Available in multiple widths and lengths.

Slide boxes consist of several pieces (liners/sleeves) that slide into each other. They are of the most innovative types of corrugated boxes and include a sleeve used for sliding in multiple directions This group also includes outside sleeves for other cases.

With the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs and top of the line die-cutting machinery, Varun Packaging can make just about any corrugated box style. We are a custom, one-stop shop for all of your product packaging needs. After designing the boxes, the manufacturing process begins by creating the corrugated board needed. The machines we use to make different types of corrugated boxes often occupy several yards.

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